AirBnB Apartment

My Experience with AirBnB Rental Scam & How to Avoid Getting Scammed

When looking for an apartment, we encountered many apartments that were too good to be true, and we had some interactions with scammers. In this post, I talk about our experience and give advice on how to spot the scammers.

Tapas in Triana: Casa Gago

Tapas in Triana: Casa Gago

The Triana district in Seville, on the ‘other’ side of the river, is an amazing barrio that not enough people visit during their stay in the city. This district has so much to offer, from amazing restaurants, beautiful markets, and a rich and complex history. One of my favorite bars in Triana is one of my most recent discoveries, Casa Gago. My favorite typical Sevillian dish is Solomillo al Whisky, and I was told that Casa Gago makes a mean Solomillo. Of course, I had to go check it out.