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Travel Safety Tips: Is Seville Safe?

Is Seville safe for a single woman to visit alone? 

Is Seville safe for a single woman to visit alone?

Clients asked me this question more than once, and in my opinion, the answer is yes. Of all the cities I visited in my life, I can say that Seville is the only one of them where I have not felt uncomfortable walking around by myself. As a young woman, I am perfectly comfortable walking around the city by myself both day and night.  The center of the city has a very convivial atmosphere. The days are long and nights even longer, people are out on the streets every hour of the day, so you’re never completely alone anywhere in the center.  However, you still have to be smart. I have some tips that should help if you’re traveling solo to Seville, or really anywhere in the world. 

Travel Safety Tips

  1. Use your common sense. Don’t wander off into lonely dark alleys at 2AM, don’t leave your bags open or unattended and don’t carry your wallet or phone around in your back pocket. Basically, don’t draw unwanted attention towards yourself. 
  2. Try to not look like a tourist. Walking around with a camera around your neck, a map in your hands and an I Love Sevilla T-shirt will just make you an easy target for people trying to take advantage of tourists.
  3. Stay aware of your surroundings. It’s good to know where you are, so you won’t accidentally wander off into the bad part of town. When out on the streets, I’d recommend carrying your bag in front of you at all times, and move away if someone gets up into your personal space a bit too much. I once had my phone stolen out of my bag because I was not aware of what was happening around me. While looking at some clothes in a shop, a woman was standing right next to me, looking at the same rack of clothes. She was standing quite close to me, so close that it made me feel uncomfortable. My first thought was that this was probably because she wanted to look at the same blouse I was looking at. So I moved out of her way, but every time I moved away she moved with me. This should have made some alarm bells go off in my mind, but unaware as I was, I didn’t really think that she would be trying to steal something from me. I just walked away after I got too uncomfortable, and 5 minutes later when I went to the cash register, I opened my bag to grab my wallet and realized that my phone was gone. When I tried to call it it was already turned off, and nowhere to be found. Ever since that day, I always carry my bag in front of me and immediately grab it when someone gets into my personal space. 
  4. Don’t be alone all the time. This might be difficult as a solo traveler because you don’t always have someone around you. Let other people (maybe your family at home) know where you are and what you’re doing. Whenever you feel uncomfortable, talk to the people in your surroundings and let them know that you’re traveling solo. Even though this might sound weird, it will often make the other person look out for you. Whenever I have a solo traveler on my tours (since I work as a tour guide in Seville), I always tell them what parts of town they should avoid, and try to give them helpful tips on where they can go and maybe meet other travelers or locals. So chat with local service people such as waiters or tour guides. I would also recommend going on a tour on one of your first days in your new destination. Not only will you learn about the place and get a lot of historical, cultural and culinary insights, you might also meet some other travelers you can meet up with later on. 
  5. Don’t be too friendly. If your gut tells you that a situation makes you feel uncomfortable, don’t be afraid to say no. Sometimes, if you’re too polite or shy, people will walk all over you and that way you might be forced into a situation you really didn’t want to be in. So don’t worry about being impolite, because if somebody doesn’t respect you, they are not worth your time. 

Have you ever traveled solo to another country? And do you have any advice for other solo travelers? 

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